Google intends to enlist the assistance of shock jock Howard Stern (seen above) in order to gain more prominence for its Internet TV software known as Google TV which frankly, has yet to light up the world of living room entertainment ever since it debut a good 19 months ago. Not only that, this particular combination will also see Google rope in satellite radio provider Sirius XM who will also make available the entire range of its programming on Google TV, where Stern’s shows are thrown into the mix as well, alongside live sports courtesy of a new app which will enable listeners to pause live programs – and continue playback within a 5 hour time frame where its content is concerned.

Sirius XM intends to announce this particular deal at Google’s I/O developer conference that is happening in San Francisco tomorrow morning, and it will add to the growing list of Google TV partners including Netflix and Sirius XM says that their app will be made available to download later this summer, although there was no release date provided, so we will just have to wait for an official notice.

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