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Google TV Might Be Brought Under The 'Nexus' Umbrella
There has already been a lot of speculation about the future of Google TV. The internet search giant’s TV offering hasn’t established a strong footing in the market as yet, so it is believed that Google is committed to rebranding and reinvigorating the TV service. We have previously heard rumors that the Google TV moniker might be dropped and replaced with Android TV, however according to the latest report from […]

Driver Pleads “Not Guilty” For Wearing Google Glass While Driving
Google Glass is a piece of wearable technology that has definitely captured the attention and minds of many people ever since it was announced. In fact, it was not too long ago when we talked about how a Seattle restaurant actually evicted its patron for wearing Google Glass, citing that other guests might not be comfortable with the idea that their photos and video could be captured unknowingly. This time […]

Chromecast Support For Google TV Confirmed
At its event yesterday, Google announced Chromecast. A $35 HDMI dongle that lets users “cast” content from their nearby devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers to the TV. By no means is Chromecast itself a “smart TV,” it doesn’t come with TV centric apps. Its just a dongle that lets users mirror the content from their devices. On the other hand, Google TV is a full fledged smart TV […]

Google To Roll Out Online TV Service (Rumor)
There are whispers going around that Internet search giant Google might very well go up against Xbox One’s additional multimedia capabilities, by rolling out an online TV service. Of course, this is but a rumor at the moment with nothing concrete stated just yet, but we do scratch our heads and wonder whether Google’s alleged new online TV service will take off where its spiritual predecessor, if you could call […]


Google Reportedly Being Criticized By Smart TV Manufacturers
Many manufacturers opted for open-source HTML5 instead of Google TV as the platform for their smart TVs. Google has reportedly been employing "coercive sales tactics," which are being criticized by manufacturers of these products.

Voice Search Coming To Sony Google TV Set-Top Box
Sony NSZ-GS8 brings voice search to Google TV set top box arena.

TCL MoVo Ultra Definition 4K TV Has Google TV Too
Google TV gets another champion in the form of TCL's MoVo.

LG Google TV Android Jelly Bean Update Confirmed For Q3 2013
Google TV has often been criticized for the fact that its software update release cycle is way too slow. While set-top boxes are still available, LG is in fact the only manufacturer right now that is selling television sets that have Google TV built-in. Today LG announced at Google I/O 2013 that it will begin rolling out Android Jelly Bean update in the third quarter of 2013. LG says in a press […]

Asus Cube With Google TV Launched
Hmmm, earlier this year when we were just starting to tiptoe into 2013 at CES in Las Vegas, we saw the Asus Cube, although it was known as the Asus Qube then. I guess there is nothing quite like the right kind of spelling to get off on the correct footing, as Asus has officially launched the Asus Cube with Google TV to the masses, and the main purpose of […]

Xbox 720 Will Be Able To Take Control Of TV And Set Top Box
Xbox 720 rumors are a dime a dozen these day, and we’ve just got another one. The Verge is reporting that Xbox 720 will be able to take over TVs and set top boxes, this according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans. It’ll take over them in a way that is similar to Google TV, and perhaps this is the reason why we’ve been hearing recently that the next […]

Samsung Homesync Is A Powerful Media Server Running Android Jelly Bean
[MWC 2013] Samsung finally unveiled its Galaxy Note 8.0 earlier today at Mobile World Congress to directly compete with Apple’s iPad Mini, but it looks like that isn’t the only Apple product they have their sights set on as they announce their Android Jelly Bean-powered set top box, the Samsung HomeSync.The Samsung HomeSync combines a Google TV device is a home media server which features a 1TB hard drive, Internet access […]

Marvell Powers The Google TV Experience
At CES 2013, Marvel is showing a number of new Google TV devices powered by its Marvell Armada 1500 Series which was introduced last year with Google TV 2.0. Among the notable new clients (called “design-wins” in industry lingo), we’ve spotted ASUS, Netgear, Hisense and TCL: they are not really small-time manufacturers, so we can expect Google TV to be promoted like it’s never been before.We’ve covered the Neo TV […]

Netgear Launches NeoTV Prime With Google TV
[CES 2013] Smart TVs are becoming more commonplace these days, especially since it offers up more functionality and content versus a regular television. Now if you’re shopping about for a new smart TV, Netgear, a company known for its networking solutions, has announced the NeoTV Prime which will be joining the company’s existing lineup of streaming players for the connected home theater equipment, allowing users to search for content such […]

Google TV Plans To Make A Big Return At CES With More Partners
[CES 2013] It looks like LG won’t be the only television manufacturer showing off its Google TV devices at CES next week as Google announced a number of other partners will be showing their own Google TV-powered devices.Google announced Asus, Hisense, TCL and other manufacturers, including Sony and Vizio, will be showing off new and updated products that will be showcasing their support for the Google TV platform. The products will […]