iOS users are no doubt familiar with the Instapaper app. For those who aren’t familiar, Instapaper is an app for iOS users that allows them to save webpages and articles for offline viewing. This is no doubt pretty handy when it comes to devices like the iPod touch or the WiFi only iPad where WiFi signals may not always be available. It would also allow for reading while traveling to places that might not have an internet connection. Well the good news is that Android users will now be able to enjoy the same offline reading feature that iOS users have been enjoying all this while! This makes Instapaper one of the more high profile apps that has been brought over onto the Android platform, thus ending its iOS exclusivity. Of course there are alternatives to Instapaper, like Pocket (formerly known as Read It Later) but if Instapaper is the app that you’ve had your eye on, you will be able to download it today. Developed by Mobelux, Instapaper for Android is currently available in the Google Play store, the Amazon App Store and the Nook Store for $2.99.

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