The scientists over at Duke University have managed to work on an experimental camera which basically enables one to zoom in on portions of photos that have been shot in a high degree of detail. This might just change the way images are viewed after they are captured. This new camera is said to be able to collect over 30 times as much picture data compared to even the best consumer digital devices in the market at the moment. Current cameras will be able to capture photos that have pixel counts which number in the tens of millions, while the Duke device, as it is known, is capable of producing a still or video image with a billion pixels. To get an idea on how clear that is, it has five times the amount of detail as can be seen by a person with perfect vision.

The Duke device known as the Aware-2 is still largely a theoretical device, and it will take a fair amount of time before it ends up as an actual product. The prototype at the moment requires a whole lot of space to store it, not to mention the works to keep its electronic boards running nice and cool. Tipping the scales at 100 pounds, it is anything but portable, measuring roughly the size of two stacked microwave ovens. Your subjects would best be stationary ones, as it takes approximately 18 seconds to shoot a frame and record such data to a disk.

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