Remember how we talked about the Nyko Power Grip Pro case in brief earlier this morning? Well, what you see above is the real deal, and how your Nintendo 3DS would look like when cradled within it. Of course, chances are this would mean the Nyko Power Grip Pro case will not be compatible with a new and larger Nintendo 3DS if it were to be announced later this morning due to the smaller size that caters for the original 3DS – assuming that rumors of a larger 3DS come true, that is. The Nyko Power Grip Pro case will work just like how those mophie juice packs deliver added power for your iPhone, where this one is said to triple your battery life.

Not only that, it also doubles up as an analog slider control for your gaming convenience. So far, the Nyko Power Grip Pro case does seem to shape up to be a comfortable accessory – I get that feeling even by looking at the image above, how about you?

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