Nyko-Data-Bank-For-PlayStation-4When it comes to purchasing a console, you know that the gaming machine itself is good to go right out of the box – there is basically not much configuration work that needs to be done – all which you have to do is to pop in the game disc, and download the relevant game updates as and where necessary, and voila! You can start gaming right there and then, which is a whole different ball game from the prospect of PC gaming that has its fair share of upgrades and customization to do. Well, accessories for the PC are a whole lot more as opposed to that of a console, but Nyko has decided to gift owners of the best selling PS4 console with what they call the Nyko Data Bank.

First of all, let us set the record straight – the Nyko Data Bank is a hard drive dock for the PS4, and not a hard drive itself, where it is meant to replace the top of the console alongside the 2.5” hard drive so that it can deliver provide compatibility with 3.5” hard drives as another avenue of internal storage. Not only that, the solution will also do away with the need for an external hard drive, which does not support game installs or save data at this point in time. In addition, it would also pave the way for larger storage, faster running speeds and less expensive prices thanks to the deluge of 3.5” hard drives that are in the market.

In addition, the design of the replacement dock lid will not make your precious PS4 look as though it has an unsightly growth somewhere – no sir, it will seamlessly match the minimalist design of the PS4. The moment there is a 3.5” drive detected in the Nyko Data Bank, the built-in LED strip will illuminate while the console is accessing its memory. Shipping of the Nyko Data Bank is set to kick off in the first half of 2015, although pricing details have yet to be worked out as at press time.

Update: this is the official Nyko video with more details

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