When you stay at a natural disaster prone country like Japan, it goes without saying that you ought to be prepared most of the time in order to live with an emergency situation such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Having said that, a powerful blow from a tsunami or earthquake is capable of knocking out power supply to an entire prefecture, which is why it makes sense to have a portable solar power source. After all, unless you are enveloped in a mushroom cloud, no one is going to turn off the sun, are they?

The mobile solar battery system known as WINGSOL MSR-110B has just arrived at the Japanese market this month, where it was developed alongside tent manufacturer Taiyo Kogyo Corporation and visual products and services provider OS Co., Ltd., comprising of the solar unit as well as the battery unit, where the former is a flexible amorphous solar panel sheet.

The solar panel sheet is able to be rolled up and toted around in a jiffy, allowing you to juice up the battery unit just about anywhere as long as there is sufficient sunlight. You are also able to separate the solar unit and battery unit in order to use the battery as a standalone power source when the need arises. The thing is, the WINGSOL battery system is out of reach for most folks with an asking price of $7,612, so hopefully the manufacturing process can be streamlined, and pricing reduced down the road.

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