Studying body language is crucial if you were to be able to learn more about human behavior – after all, the body tells you more of what the person is talking about compared to the verbal conversation, and some people who are too sanguine might just step into your personal space without realizing it. In order to avoid potentially uncomfortable situations such as those, you can check out this DIY project known as Repel, where this bit of wearable technology by media artist Zac Ong will warn folks that they have overstepped their boundaries in terms of your personal space, and you might just turn into a green rage monster if they do not beat a hasty retreat.

This over-the-top warning system will be able to shoot a laser beam at strangers each time your personal space is invaded, and the closer they get to you, the laser and animated buttons will spin faster and faster. Now, if only these lasers could really burn stuff, it would definitely do its bit in being a fantastic teacher for strangers who do not know your personal boundaries – yet.

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