Ever wondered what would have happened if Doctor Octopus fought on behalf of the good guys? Having an extra four arms that are made out of virtually indestructible material, fused to your body and capable of responding to your every thought is definitely sheer genius, it is just too bad that Otto Octavius went bonkers when the experiment had gone wrong. Well, a robotics student from the San Francisco State University has come up with a robotic appendage that comes in the form of a special glove, complete with a robotic sixth finger which is capable of curling up whenever he flexes the muscles in his wrist and arm. This is not going to turn anyone into Doctor Octopus anytime soon, but at least it is a start where an additional human appendage is concerned. It will rely on Advancer Technologies‘ EMG Sensor, alongside everyone’s favorite Arduino processor. I guess this will not liberate anyone from their body anytime soon, but at least it offers an extra bit of functionality.

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