I’m sure we’ve all heard about the horror stories about how some retailers in China have ripped off their customers by selling them alleged 1TB hard drives, only later to discover that they were scammed and inside the HDD enclosure was a small USB flash drive. Well it looks like they might be taking things to the next level now in a more elaborate scam, this time while still utilizing the USB flash drive, they have thrown in a couple of bolts and screws and glued them within the case. We’re assuming that this is to add weight to the HDD in order to give it a more authentic heft to it. This was discovered by a shopper who thought that he bought a 160GB Samsung HDD for 220 Yuan (~$35) from China’s larger online retailer, Taobao. Safe to say he ended up paying for a rather expensive USB drive. We’re not sure if the retailer knew that this was a fake, or if they were duped into thinking that it was real as well, but either way if you’re in China and you’re planning on getting your hands on some tech gear, you might want to double check to make sure that the product is genuine.

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