While our smartphones and tablets are certainly more than capable of gaming, there are a couple of games that unfortunately are limited to consoles or handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS or the PlayStation Vita. Well the good news is that if Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken was a game you wished would arrive on iOS, you might be in luck. During E3, Capcom demonstrated Street Fighter X Tekken on the iPad which displayed a quote saying, “This is a demo created for E3. The final version will be greatly different.” 

This led to speculation that the game could be arriving on iOS in the near future, although no word on when that might be. The folks at Famitsu have also managed to snag some photos of the game running on the iPhone, so it looks like if and when Capcom decides to release it, all of Apple’s iOS devices should be able to play it. In the mean time you can check out the demo of Street Fighter X Tekken on the iPad in the video below. So, who’s looking forward to the game arriving on iOS?

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