We’ve all seen Segways before but if you felt that the Segway lacked some features, like a windscreen and a seat, then this concept by designed Peng Huashun could be worth taking a look at. Dubbed the Folding Electric Vehicle, as you can see in the rendering above, it does appear to be rather compact and thanks to its foldability, you should have no problems stashing it away when you’re done riding on it. Unlike the Segway, the Folding Elecric Vehicle concept comes with a seat and a windscreen and comes with two poles on each side which we’re assuming will be used for navigation, maneuvering the back wheels as well as braking. The seats and the windscreen should also make the ride slightly more comfortable for those who’d rather not have the wind blasting in their face as they ride down the sidewalk. Unfortunately the Folding Electric Vehicle remains a concept for now and there’s no word if there are plans to turn it into reality, but what do you guys think? Would you rather hop on a Segway or the Folding Electric Vehicle?

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