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The Original Segway Will Be Reaching Its End Of Life This July
When the original Segway was first introduced, it was supposed to revolutionize the personal transportation system where it was envisioned that in the future, everyone would be traveling along on a Segway. Unfortunately, that has not come to pass, namely due to the fact that at $5,000, it was a hard sell.

Segway’s S-Pod Is The Lazy Person’s Dream Come True
We’re sure that many of you are familiar with Segway where the company was one of the first to create personal mobility vehicles. The company has since evolved and expanded on its creations since then, where at CES 2020, the company took the wraps off one of their latest creations in the form of the Segway S-Pod.

Segway’s Next Invention Are A Pair Of Roller Shoes
Segway is a company that many might be familiar with as the company that created the personal transportation device, which has since been used in many a TV show and movie, such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. However it seems that Segway has decided to make something a little more compact which comes in the form of the Drift W1.

Ninebot Kit Transforms Segways Into Go-Karts
Ninebot has reportedly built a kit that transforms Segways into go-karts. It’s pertinent to mention here that Ninebot is Segway’s parent company. Segway launched its e-skates last month and now a report reveals that Ninebot will soon be unveiling a new kit which attaches to the scooters and turns them into go-karts.


Segway’s Loomo Is Both A Transportation Device & Companion Robot
We’re sure what when Segway created its personal transportation system that it envisioned a future in which we would all be getting around that way. Unfortunately that did not exactly pan out, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying. The company has since launched another device called Loomo.

Intel And Segway Create Hoverboard That Doubles As Your Robot Valet
Hoverboards have had quite a lot of bad press lately given that they have been banned left, right and center. It’s not that everybody that’s making them is making defective hoverboards, it’s just that the market is flooded with substandard products that also happen to be at risk of fire. Nevertheless, Intel showed off something very cool at CES 2016, it’s a hoverboard that it has built with Segway, but this […]

Xiaomi Has Made A 'Hoverboard'
Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones which have helped propel the company to become a major player in the Chinese smartphone market, but the company also makes other products including but not limited to wearable devices and an action camera. Today the company announced a rather interesting product that’s commonly known as a hoverboard, even though it’s not technically a board and it doesn’t really hover.

Popular “Hoverboard” Makers Sued By Segway
If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you’ll realize that there are more photos and videos of people riding “hoverboards”. These aren’t technically hoverboards but yet they are called that anyway. Basically they are a set of wheels and a platform that users stand on to move forwards, backwards, or spin around.They’re also made by a company called Inventist. However it seems that Segway, one of the original personal […]

China-based Company Ninebot Acquires Segway
We’re sure at one point in time, there were some who believed that the Segway would be the new mode of human transportation. It was small and fast enough, but unfortunately its price was not particularly friendly, at least to the masses. However there is one company that thinks Segway has value, and it is a company based in China called Ninebot.For those who are unfamiliar, Ninebot is a company […]

The Folding Electric Vehicle concept looks like a more comfortable alternative to the Segway
We’ve all seen Segways before but if you felt that the Segway lacked some features, like a windscreen and a seat, then this concept by designed Peng Huashun could be worth taking a look at. Dubbed the Folding Electric Vehicle, as you can see in the rendering above, it does appear to be rather compact and thanks to its foldability, you should have no problems stashing it away when you’re […]

Dexter Industries Inertial Motion Unit lets you create balancing robot Segways
Interested in creating a Segway made from LEGO pieces? Well, the folks over at Dexter Industries have what you need. Those guys have come up with something called an Inertial Motion Unit (IMU) Sensor: the combination of an accelerometer and gyroscope into one sensor. Using the IMU, LEGO enthusiasts can build robots that know which way is up, measure tilt, balance themselves, measure acceleration and rotation on all axes simultaneously.

DIY Segway costs just €300
Watched Mall Cop and loved every single minute of it? Well, getting around on Segways in a large mall makes perfect sense since such buildings are massive, especially for those suffering from joint pains. Well, purchasing a Segway outright might prove to be too much for your wallet to handle, but what happens when you fuse both passion and technical know-how? You get the DIY Segway, of course! Petter Forsberg […]

Tilto: the DIY Segway
Segways are cool and plenty of fun to ride but they cost a bomb to purchase. Well, a hobbyist by the name of Marcelo Fornaso decided to put his smarts to the test and came up with his own version of the two-wheeled vehicle. But instead of following the build of the Segway down to a T, Fornaso chose to improve the design by allowing users to turn the vehicle […]

Solowheel outrides Segway
Want to know just how cool the Solowheel is compared to Segways? Well, why not check out the video of it in action in the extended post, where you see the rather elderly man riding on it without fear of crashing (and without protective gear, to boot!) while enjoying a lovely day outdoors on a single wheel. Talk about reinventing the wheel! Spotted at the International Toy Fair in New […]

Segway scooters are almost unusable in UK
A recent ruling in the UK has just rendered the Segway next to unusable in public. After the case of a factory worker getting fined for damaging a pavement by riding his Segway on it, the magistrate decided that the two-wheeled vehicles have no business being on a pavement. With Segways already banned from roads (for not being safe enough), users can only ride them in golf clubs, warehouses, shopping […]

Segstick project allows you to create your own Segway-like transportation
The Segway might or might not be the coolest mode of transportation, depending on your preferences, but there’s no denying that they’re fairly expensive. If you’ve always wanted to own one but couldn’t find the funds, perhaps you might want to put your DIY skills to good use.A project dubbed Segstick is available online, giving you detailed instructions on how to come up with your own Segway unit. The project […]

Concept: MoVete Personal Mobility Device
The Segway is a useful mode of transportation, offering an alternative to a motorcycle or car. That being said, there’s nothing to stop designers to come up with competing ideas to it, and the MoVete concept design offers just that. At a glance, it looks like an upgraded version of the Segway and is powered by batteries that can be recharged by solar panels located at charging stations located at […]

Segway founder dead, rolls off cliff on two-wheeled vehicle
The founder of Segway has ironically been found dead, having driven a two-wheeled ’Segway-style’ vehicle off a cliff whilst on his North Yorkshire grounds. Jimi Heselden, owner of Hesco Bastion, apparently fell off the cliffs of his estate, where a Segway-style vehicle was recovered in the process. Unfortunately, he was already pronounced dead at the scene when the calvary arrived. RIP Jimi, and thanks for your two-wheeled creation that helped […]

Ewee-PT could be the poor man's Segway
The Segway is a personal transport device that has certainly capture the imagination of some, although it is still way too expensive for the layman to have one in his garage. Perhaps something cheaper might appeal? Enter the Ewee-PT from Germany, where it all the additional luxurious parts are stripped away, using only the bare minimum to help you get around without using your leg muscles too much. Acceleration is […]

Cool Rider Cooler Than Segway?
The Cool Rider certainly doesn’t look anything like a Segway, but it probably would fall into the personal transportable category of vehicles. Armed with a battery powered motor capable of hitting 12mph, the Cool Rider isn’t too much of a slouch, especially since it has enough juice in it to run for about an hour on a full charge. It battery pack itself is removable, as in the standing sled […]