Many of you might know Segway as the company that tried to revolutionize the concept of personal transportation. Unfortunately, apart from existing more in movies than in real life, it looks like the company has since moved on to other projects, one of which is the Navimow, a robot lawn mower.

As far as lawn mowers are concerned, we have to say that this looks pretty cool and futuristic, more so than other lawn mowers we have seen. It also works using GPS which means that instead of you having to setup a boundary wire to define the parameters of the lawn, GPS and other onboard sensors will be able to do that for you.

The accompanying app will also help users set areas of their garden that they don’t want to cut, and according to Segway, the Navimow is smart enough where it can figure out a mowing path without having to criss-cross. The Navimow can also trim grass between 3-6cm, handle 45-degree inclines, and also has an IPX6 rating so if the ground is wet, you don’t have to worry.

The Navimow is also capable of detecting objects and people, so when it detects kids or pets, its blades will stop spinning to prevent potential accidents. If it’s raining and it gets too heavy, the rain sensor will pause the mowing and return it back to its charging station. That being said, the Navimow does not come cheap at around $1,400, but if you think that this will save you a lot of time mowing and upkeep your lawn, it might be worth checking out.

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