AT&T iPhoneAT&T has just released its quarterly financial report and it looks like the iPhone is still the hottest selling product by the carrier. According to its reports, 3.7 million iPhones were sold in Q2 2012 – 73% of its 5.1 million smartphones that were sold in that time period. However, it looks like a lot of those numbers were due to the iPhone 3GS being available for free (with a contract) on AT&T. No exact numbers about the iPhones were released but compared to Verizon which managed to sell 2.9 million Android phones and 2.7 million iPhones in the same quarter, it shows how much the older iPhone is still in demand (Verizon doesn’t offer the 3GS).

With the iPhone 5 expected to arrive later this year, and the iPhone 4 rumored to become the next free model, we’ll be able to compare the iPhone sales more accurately since both carriers will have the same variants.

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