You know how some smartphones do come with a tiny LED somewhere in front, where it will light up in different colors to indicate different notifications? Well, it seems that this particular idea has been ported over to the far less mobile desktop environment, although notebooks, too, will be able to work with the Blink USB LED visual indicator. Basically, this particular peripheral can be specially programmed to inform you of different events which happen on your computer, ranging from incoming email to new tweets as well as Facebook status updates. Finished downloading a file but do not know it? Blink will get the job done for you.

Bear in mind that this is a Kickstarter project, and it has far surpassed its original funding goal of $29,000. It is estimated that the retail price for Blink will be $30 thereabouts, where it will play nice on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms. The thing is this – on a desktop, I am not too worried, but it sure as heck takes up a precious USB port on a notebook.

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