Blizzard reportedly fined $7,000 in South Korea over Diablo 3 complaintsA while back we reported that Blizzard’s Korean offices were raided by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission over the complaints they receive from Diablo 3 players. Well it looks like they have since been slapped with a fine, which according to reports amounts to ₩8 million which approximates to about $7,000. Rather insignificant compared to the amount of inconveniences and frustration that players faced despite paying full price for the game.

In case you were not aware, Diablo 3 has faced plenty of errors during its launch. This includes error messages when attempting to log into the game, game crashes, bugs, etc, all of which hindered gameplay and ruined the experience for many. The game has since somewhat stabilized although Blizzard now faces complaints from users regarding its Real Money Auction House. What do you guys think? Was the $7,000 fine a fair amount?

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