Koreans lining up for Diablo 3 in spite of the rain

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission isn’t backing down on its investigation on the numerous complaints about Blizzard’s hot-selling game – Diablo 3. Last week, we said that the South Korean authorities launched an investigation to probe the issue. But so far, no word about the KFTC’s action was reported. Yesterday however, local publication The Korea Times reported that the Korean Federal Trade Commission raided Blizzard’s office in Seoul on Monday as part of an investigation into consumer claims that Blizzard has refused to refund Diablo 3 its players.

The publication added that the KFTC released a statement on Tuesday confirming that it raided Blizzard’s Seoul office and that they were able to get related documents and other evidence which will determine if the gaming company broke the law. Apparently, Diablo 3 players in Korea got frustrated with the server issues which compelled them to ask for refunds, and to which Blizzard allegedly has denied, citing its sales contract terms as the basis for its supposed decision. “We have received many complaints from Diablo 3 users,” said Kim Hyung-bae, a spokesman for the FTC. Blizzard on the other hand, declined to comment about the reported raid.

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