ClearShotDespite all the technology that goes into our phones these days, there’s one thing it can’t stop us from doing: taking bad photographs because of our shaky hands. Sure, image stabilization can help a bit but a lot of the times it’s not that great – especially in low light conditions.

Well, one of the best ways to ensure you don’t take shaky photos is with the use of a tripod. However, tripods (even mini ones) are pretty inconvenient to carry around with you everywhere you go. Plus, they take a bit of time to set up and put away and this is where the ClearShot comes it.

Touted as a credit card-sized tripod, the ClearShot is a pretty clever accessory that’s been designed for the iPhone. When un-deployed it resembles a plastic card that can easily fit into your wallet or purse. However, once you take it out and start folding at the seams, it turns into a multi-purpose tripod for your iPhone.

Use it to shoot better pictures, record less shaky videos, and even as a stand for you to watch movies or browse the web with. However, the ClearShot is still a prototype and is still around $19,000 short of its goal. If you think that the ClearShot is something you’d like to own, head over to the Kickstarter page to read up more about it and preorder one for yourself (pledges start from $15).

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