Whoever said that there is no free lunch in this world? Diablo 3 fan site Diablo3.org is currently performing charity in a digital manner – and I am referring to the site practically giving away free money each week. Users are sent the relevant information each week on the method to end up as a contest winner, and most of the time, it would require one to post relevant information concerning Diablo 3 so that other users who are not as creative as you will be able to get through the more difficult bits of the game, and you are also free to contribute further tips on the phenomenally popular dungeon crawler. The prize money is rather small at just $50 weekly at this point in time, but at least you can have a nice meal with that kind of money still.

Diablo3.org mentioned, “We plan to increase the prize winnings month after month. Right now its at $50 a week, or $200 a month, but we hope to get the cash prize up to possibly even $1000 a week!” Well, what do you think of this particular model to beget more and more users to the fan site?

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