Facebook CEO gets his first patent on privacy

Patents are the modern weapons of corporate warfare. That is why the social networking giant that is Facebook is beefing up its patent portfolio to seal its place once and for all. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg filed his first patent application six years ago. And after being criticized by examiners for its obviousness, the patent – US patent 8,225,376 – has just been approved by the U.S. Patent Trademark and Office. The patent is called “Dynamically Generating a Privacy Summary” and it has been revised a couple of times before approval. The patent will basically allow a Facebook user to display his or her profile page based on the preferred privacy settings.

A system and method for dynamically generating a privacy summary is provided. The present invention provides a system and method for dynamically generating a privacy summary. A profile for a user is generated. One or more privacy setting selections are received from the user associated with the profile. The profile associated with the user is updated to incorporate the one or more privacy setting selections. A privacy summary is then generated for the profile based on the one or more privacy setting selections.

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