Helo Tablet Strap Pro lets you grip the iPad more securely in one hand

One of the drawbacks to the third-generation’s iPad is that it is noticeably heavier compared to its predecessor. It might not be a big deal to some, but for others, holding it in one hand might start proving to be a more uncomfortable experience. That being said, an accessory for the iPad dubbed the Helo Tablet Strap Pro might be one worth checking out, especially if you’re the type that likes holding the iPad in one hand and have yet to find a suitable cover or accessory that lets you do so comfortable.

As pictured above, the Helo Tablet Strap Pro will attach to your iPad by hooking onto the corners of the device. At the middle is a grip which lets users slip their hand in and is rotatable at the same time, letting users adjust it according to their preference. The strap also appears to be adjustable, allowing varying degrees to tightness for a more secure/comfortable grip. We guess this is ideal for those who use the iPad to show off products or menus, i.e. at trade shows, conferences, etc. It is also made from leather which might explain its somewhat hefty price of $60. Pop on over to Helo’s website to place your order.

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