If you love anything and everything Apple, then you might be interested in making sure you have enough savings in your bank account so that you are able to remodel your home sometime down the road – in particular, to have it look like the iCloud from outside. What you see above is the actual home of someone who is currently living in Melbourne, Australia, where it has been specially shaped to resemble that of the iCloud silhouette. Not only that, depending on the time of the day as well as weather conditions, this marvelous structure will be able to throw an iCloud shadow on the pool to boot.

Specially designed from ground up by McBride Charles Ryan, the Cloud House as it is known would definitely turn heads. The thing is, I am not quite sure whether Apple is going to send their legal eagles over, but then again I suppose they would not – as one ought to take into consideration that work on this house began before Apple released the iCloud logo, making it one beautiful coincidence for Apple fans to savor.

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