iPad MiniThe past few weeks have been rife with “iPad Mini” rumors and it looks like this week won’t be any different. According to reports online, we’ve got more rumors about the tablet – while the iPad Mini will be manufactured by Foxconn, it won’t be done in China. Apparently the tablet will be assembled in Foxconn’s factories in Brazil, where certain iPhone and iPad models are currently in production. No word on whether it will have any effect on the price of the tablet (not that we know how much it’s going to cost at the moment anyway).

The iPad Mini is said to feature a 7.85″ display and will be as tall as the Google Nexus 7, but wider due to its 4:3 display aspect ratio. The tablet is also said to be as thin as the iPod Touch which is only 7.2mm thick. The design of the tablet is also supposed to be similar to the 3rd generation iPod Nano. The iPad Mini is also rumored to be released in September and will cost around $300. If these rumors pan out, it looks like the 7″ tablet competition is going to be fiercer this year.

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