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Korean Carriers get quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE

It seems as though the US carriers have gotten the short end of the stick with the Samsung Galaxy S III. In the US, major carriers offer the Galaxy S III with LTE(except T-Mobile), but it only comes with a dual-core processor as the quad-core processors on the US market do not yet offer LTE support.The technology is available currently in Korea, hence why Samsung decided to bump up the Korean version to a quad-core processor.

Samsung has also decided to upgrade the RAM on the S3 from 1GB to 2GB, but will keep the 2,100mAh battery as is. The upgraded Galaxy S III will be heading to the following Korean carriers: KT, LG U+, and SK Telecom. Have you already bought your Galaxy S III for a US carrier? If so are you mad that there is an upgraded version in Korea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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