Smartwatches are starting to become the trend these days, but as to whether they’ll become a standard or end up being a novelty remains to be seen. That being said, the folks at MetaWatch have recently launched a Kickstarter project for a smartwatch dubbed the Strata (pictured above). We have to admit that based on the design, it does look pretty good and is somewhat reminiscent of the digital watches back in the day with their monochromatic displays. As expected, the Strata will rely on Bluetooth 4.0 technology to pair with smartphones and is expected to play nice with both iOS and Android devices. The watch will allow users to check a variety of notifications, such as messages, who’s calling, weather forecasts, stock quotes, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and will come with integrated running and cycling apps. It will also allow users to control their music from the watch itself. The good news is that the Strata is an open-source watch, which means that developers/hackers will be able to come up with their own apps to help enhance the watch’s functions further. The Strata has long surpassed its goal of $100,000 and a pledge of $159 will net you the watch once it has been put into production.

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