New HotmailEven though it’s still a few months away, It looks like Microsoft is already gearing up for the official release of Windows RT. According to reports online, Microsoft has been silently updating its Microsoft account login page with a hint of Metro in the redesign. It hasn’t changed for me, so it’s probably a staged rollout or just a limited test, but from the screenshots I’ve seen, it looks pretty good (not like the previous login pages were bad, I just think this new interface is much more eye-pleasing).

In addition to the use of bright colors, some things have changed i.e. “Windows Live ID” has been replaced with “Microsoft account” and the “Sign in” button is slightly bigger, which should make it easier to press with your fingers on a touchscreen. I wonder if Microsoft will be revamping the looks of its services in addition to the login pages. What do you think of this new Metro-fied interface?

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