Little girls normally love playing make believe, waiting for their prince to turn up one fine day to sweep them off their feet, while loving all and everything pink in between. Dollhouses too, are also a mandatory toy for your little princess, and if you want to tech things up a little bit, here we are with the Roominate – currently a Kickstarter project that is being funded, where it holds the promise of offering young girls who possess a genuine curiosity to explore a tech-laden playground in order for them to tinker around and learn from.

The Roominate project page claims that this dollhouse is the sweat and blood of three Stanford graduate students, who had this wish of seeing “more women in their upper level math and science classes.” Hence, they decided to start real young, where Roominate is all about building your own furniture as well as a making sure the home is wired, delivering proper working lights and the ilk. How the Roominate dollhouse works out eventually depends on you, but it all begins with a “kit of wooden building pieces and circuit components”.

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