There is one issue about going on holidays if you are one who has a love for plants around the home. After all, going off for a long holiday would mean only one thing – your plants are going to get a whole lot thirsty especially if it is summer, and you will need the help of family members or friends to be able to help water your plants. Good thing modern day technology has advanced to such a stage where plants are now able to water themselves – thanks to access to an Arduino board, a water pump and a reliable source of electricity.

Randy Sarafan has grown tired of seeing his plants wither and die time after time, and he decided to rig up a house plant that has the relevant “brains” to water itself whenever things start to get a little bit dry. The Arduino board will work in conjunction with a soil moisture sensor and a water pump. Whenever the pump detects the plant being thirsty, the Arduino will work the water pump up, offering the plant with a drink. As long as there is enough juice left in there, the water reservoir should work just fine.

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