Arduino 101 Development Board Debuts

Young learners with inquisitive minds who would like to know what is going on and how the world works around them would be pleased as punch to find out that Intel’s Arduino 101 has finally debuted. The Arduino 101 is the first widely available development board which is based on the small and extremely low-power Intel Curie module that was announced at CES earlier this year.

Apple II Emulator Powered By Arduino Uno

The Apple II is a very special piece of computing device, where it not only is a historical piece of computing equipment, it was also used by a fair number of folks back in its heyday. In fact, the Apple II proved to be one of the several inspirations that resulted in the creation of the Raspberry Pi, and many programmers these days as well as those involved in the […]

ESP8266 Is A $5 Microcontroller With Wi-Fi

Now here is news – fancy forking out $5 for a microcontroller with Wi-Fi capability? Well, that is what the ESP8266 is all about, and we are pleased to say that it is also Arduino-compatible, now how about that? I suppose you can say that the ESP8266 happens to be one of those rare gems that is released once in a while, and boy, what a release it is!

Grasp Could Be The New Way Of Remote Coaching

When you’re trying to learn something new, having someone with the experience and know-how will go a long way towards your education, but sometimes it’s just not possible to have an instructor by your side all the time, which is where Grasp comes in. As you can see in the image above, Grasp is a device mounted on your shoulder with a camera. What the camera does is that it […]


Arduboy Lets You Play Tetris On A Bracelet

What are some of the places where one can play the classic block puzzle game Tetris? Well, some folks do bring their Game Boy with them wherever they went in the past, which means Tetris is playable all over the place, while others have managed to actually enabled a game of Tetris to be played on a building itself – yes sir, you read that right! This time around, here […]

Arduino And Atmel Announce The Arduino Zero 32-bit Extension

For those interested in the Internet of Things, connected objects, home automation, wearable technology, and the likes, the Arduino has something for you that you might be interested in. The company has recently announced that they have partnered up with Atmel to unveil the Arduino Zero, a 32-bit extension of the platform that has been established by Arduino UNO. According to them, the Arduino Zero will be powered by Atmel’s […]

Gamebuino, The Arduino Handheld Console

I am quite sure that many of us did play with the Nintendo Game Boy at one time or another during our younger days, and boy, did that little handheld console that could end up leaving quite an impression on our minds. Well, fast forward to today, and here we are with the possibility of actually constructing a handheld game system that you can call your own – the Gamebuino. […]

Arduino-Powered Business Card Lets You Play Tetris On It

Business cards are typically a straightforward affair. They contain your name, the company you work for, your contact details, and your position in the company. Of course sometimes there are some out there who get a little creative with their business cards, although admittedly they pale in comparison to the Arduboy. In case the name wasn’t a giveaway, this is a business card powered by Arduino. It was put together […]

iBag Might Prevent You From Splurging When You Go Shopping

If you are the type who loves to go shopping, then I am quite sure that you would either need to have a seemingly bottomless bank account to enjoy your shopping experience, or draw your reserves from your savings. How about getting a tool that might help you avoid overspending? This is what the iBag is all about, as this prototype carryall works by locking you out should it have […]

Arduino-Powered Christmas Tree For Geeks

Do you happen to love all things high tech? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely fall in love with what Zach Burhop has done, where the has decided to soup up his Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments, and not only that, he has also ensured that this tree is Arduino-powered for that extra touch of geekiness. Burhop’s day job is an aerospace engineer and […]

Gameduino 2 Transforms Arduino Board Into Portable Console

When it comes to playing games while you are on the go, the days of when you were limited to just the Game Boy are long gone. Since then, we have had the likes of the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and its variants, as well as all generations of the Sony PSP in addition to the PS VIta. Smartphones these days have also gotten powerful enough to run fantastic looking […]

Arduino Yun Now Available

For those of you out there who have been left scratching your heads, wondering just what the heck happened to the Arduino Yun after it decided to skip out on its original June release date, fret not. The apocalypse has not arrived, and it is finally available in-store to interested parties. The Arduino Yun will retail for $69 or €52 a pop (VAT not part of the deal), where it […]

DIY Arduino Cellphone

It must be said that the clever use of an Arduino chipset in the right hands would yield some fascinating results, as we were privy to in the past. Well, it does seem as though we have come up face to face with yet another interesting Arduino creation which many would mistake it to be a baby monitor at first glance. Actually, it is something else altogether, and assuming we […]

Rapiro Robot Kit

The Rapiro Robot Kit lets you have a little assistant follow you around the home.