What are some of the places where one can play the classic block puzzle game Tetris? Well, some folks do bring their Game Boy with them wherever they went in the past, which means Tetris is playable all over the place, while others have managed to actually enabled a game of Tetris to be played on a building itself – yes sir, you read that right! This time around, here is a unique way of playing Tetris – by doing so on a wearable bracelet which in turn makes one of the most popular puzzle games in the world to be transformed into a fashion statement.

While it would not be right to actually expect this to be an actual full fledged game of Tetris that can be played on your wrist, it is meant to be more of a tech demo which will be able to depict the Ardubracelet’s trio of OLED displays, touch-sensitive circuits, as well as extremely flexible design. There is a multi-screen user interface which makes it does more than just games alone, but who can actually resist the lure and temptation of Tetris in the first place? The Ardubracelet remains as an early prototype right now, but do expect its design to be refined in due time.

The three OLED displays happen to measure 0.66″ in size each, and are located on a flexible circuit board powered by Arduino.

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