The Apple II is a very special piece of computing device, where it not only is a historical piece of computing equipment, it was also used by a fair number of folks back in its heyday. In fact, the Apple II proved to be one of the several inspirations that resulted in the creation of the Raspberry Pi, and many programmers these days as well as those involved in the computing sector grew up with using one, too. A certain Damian Peckett who felt nostalgic about old school 8-bit computers decided to write an Apple II emulator which will run on an Arduino Uno, as you can see in the video above.

This particular project was built on top of a previous project, where in that particular one, he came up with a video interface for the Arduino Uno that will rely on its secondary USB interface chip in order to store and generate video. Squeezing in his emulator onto the Arduino, it is an impressive job to say the least. Of course, Peckett is already on to better things, and one of his future projects will include designing an emulator board in order to run actual Apple II programs on an Apple II watch.

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