In 1970, a British 1967 Austin Healey 3000 sports car owned by a man named Bob Russell was stolen from his apartment in Philadelphia. Russell thought that he’d never find his beloved car again. Then 42 years later, after years of surfing the Internet, the now-retired sales manager surprisingly found his lost car in an online auction on eBay. Russell immediately called the dealer and said, “I hate to sound indelicate, but you’re selling a stolen car.”

Thankfully, he still kept the original key and car title with him, as well as signed affidavits from friends and the original owner. With the help of a few detectives in Philadelphia, Russel obtained a copy of the stolen car report he filed way back in 1970 and the car was seized from the dealer. On June 16, Russell and his wife went to L.A. to be reunited with their long lost old car. With his car now safe in his garage, Russell plans to restore the Austin Healey to its former glory. “It still runs, but the brakes don’t work well,” he said. “We’re going to put it back the way it was.”

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