Windows 8 StoreOver the weekend, Microsoft released some new details about its app store for Windows 8, which should be arriving this October. According to the blog post, paid apps from the store will cost from $1.49 all the way to $999.99. There will be free apps as well, but it wasn’t mentioned why Microsoft is setting the paid minimum to $0.99. Probably to discourage developers who aim to make a quick buck selling $0.99 apps as opposed to those who invest more time in creating better apps that cost more? But seeing how a difference of $0.50 isn’t a big deal, I doubt it’s going to matter much – it the end it still means more money developers for Microsoft and app developers, which can only be a good thing.

In addition to higher priced apps, for developers that earn $25,000 or more selling apps – Microsoft will only be taking 20% of the revenue as opposed to the 30% for apps that haven’t hit the milestone yet. I guess it’s just another incentive for developers to adopt the Windows 8 platform when it comes to developing apps. Take note that you’ll still be able to purchase apps from developers via external channels, only Metro apps have to be certified by Microsoft and sold through this app store.

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