It’s starting to seem that there are more rumors these days about Microsoft’s alleged next-gen Xbox console, the Xbox 720 also known by its codename, Durango. While the specs of the console remain purely speculation and rumors at this point, interestingly an alleged Durango developers kit was spotted on eBay and was actually sold for $20,100 after 43 bids. Unfortunately details and images were more really informative as the photo used was that of a regular computer, but then again dev kits for consoles are expected to look like PCs until their final release which is when they are put into their specially designed casings. As dev kits have been rumored to be given out way back in February, it is possible that this auction is the real thing, although we’re not sure who had $20,100 to spare based purely on speculation and rumors. If this is indeed the real thing, there is a good chance that Microsoft will get involved as this most likely violates the distribution agreement. Either way here’s hoping that the recent bout of Durango rumors will tie in with the speculation that will see its release in the next 18 months.

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