Back in April, there were rumors that suggested that Apple could be taking a look at in-cell display technology and use it in their next-gen iPhone’s display. This technology basically integrates touch-sensing circuitry with display circuitry, thus removing the need for an additional layer in the display which will ultimately lead to a thinner device. While those rumors cannot be confirmed at the moment, it seems that Apple has recently received a patent for what appears to be technology similar to in-cell display. Dubbed “Touch screen liquid crystal display”, this patent describes a variety of methods in which touch-sensing circuitry can be integrated within the LCD itself. According to the description:


“By integrating the layered structure of an LCD and a touch sensor, a variety of benefits can be achieved. This integration can include combining or interleaving the layered structures described above. Integration can further include eliminating redundant structures and/or finding dual purposes (e.g., one purpose for the touch function and another for the display function) for particular layers or structures. This can permit some layers to be eliminated, which can reduce cost and thickness of the touch screen LCD, as well as simplify manufacturing.”

Based on this patent, it certainly seems like Apple is interested in the technology, but are these plans for future devices, or could we be seeing this technology make its way into the next-gen iPhone? We guess we will have to wait and see.

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