Samsung VS AppleSamsung and Apple are currently slugging it out in an extremely high profile court case, with Judge Lucy Koh presiding over the case. Earlier this morning, we mentioned how Apple did ask the court to punish Samsung for apparently carrying out a rather serious misconduct, as Samsung provided excluded case evidence to the media. It seems that Samsung has received some breathing space from Judge Lucy Koh, who denied the motion filed by Apple today that requested the Court to implement sanctions against Samsung due to their alleged misconduct.

According to Judge Lucy Koh, “Having considered the papers submitted, and good cause having been shown, the Court hereby grants Samsung’s Motion to Strike. Alternatively, the Court denies Apple’s request to enter a judgment finding Apple’s asserted design patents valid and infringed.”

Samsung did not take this lying down either, as they have rebutted, “Apple‘s request is an affront to the integrity of the jury. Apple proceeds on the groundless assumption that the jury, already instructed by the Court not to read media accounts, will violate the Court‘s instructions and do precisely that. As explained in the Quinn declaration, Apple‘s premise is factually unfounded and contrary to settled law. Nowhere does Apple even address, let alone refute, these points.” What do you think of the entire courtroom drama that is going on?

Update: It seems that there has been some mix up in this story, and new developments had occurred along the way. The story now reflected the fact that Samsung filed a proposed order, where the previous order was presented as a signed judgment. The response from Samsung claimed that Apple cited no basis for the sanctions, and called the request “frivolous at every level.” Hopefully this will help clear the air a bit.

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