While the iPad mini has not been confirmed by the folks at Apple just yet, according to the leaked photos and whatnot, it supposedly resembles a larger iPod touch with thinner bezels on its side. While it remains to be seen if those rumors and mockups are right on the money, some case manufacturers have taken it upon themselves (via GizChina) to start creating cases for the tablet which seems to be consistent with the leaked dimensions.

Of course there is a chance that these manufacturers have their facts wrong. Back in 2011 prior to the iPhone 4S being released, many believed it would sport a larger display and some case manufacturers reportedly started creating cases for those dimensions. Safe to say they made a bad bet as the iPhone 4S turned out to be the iPhone 4 with some internal hardware changes, not so much on the surface. In any case many believe the iPad mini could be announced in September alongside the iPhone 5, but if the latest set of rumors have suggested, we could be looking at a separate event instead. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled so stay tuned for more updates!

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