Apple logoOriginally, many pundits were thinking that come this September 12th, we could very well be looking at a double whammy of announcements from the fruity company itself, and the two heavy hitters would be the alleged iPad mini and the iPhone 5. Well, it seems that there are other viewpoints to this matter, with some parties suggesting that later in the Fall, Apple would hold a second event to introduce the iPad mini in addition to whatever else hardware that they have (like a new iPod, perhaps?) planned for the upcoming holidays.


Do you think that it makes more sense for Apple to break down the announcements and introduction of two highly anticipated devices, or do you prefer Cupertino to just get done and over with the announcements so that their accountants can prepare themselves to start counting the amount of money rolling into their coffers once the two devices go on sale? All in all, one just needs to exercise a healthy dose of patience, and until September 12th arrives, you might want to up on the salt intake for all Apple related news.

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