Heads up Diablo 3 gamers, it looks like another patch is headed your way in the form of patch 1.0.4. Details are not available at the moment but according to Blizzard, they are setting up developer blogs which will clue you guys in as to what you can expect. In the meantime Blizzard has outlined the various changes that will be taking place and this includes System Changes, Legendary Item Improvements, Magic Find Update, Class Changes and of course Patch Notes which will be detailed once the patch goes live. You can pop on over to the Blizzard forums in the source link below for more details, or you can keep an eye out on the official Diablo 3 website which is where Blizzard will be making their announcement. Will patch 1.0.4 bring about the changes and fixes that many players still had in 1.0.3? We guess we will have to wait and find out! In the meantime, who hasn’t given up on the game just yet?

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