While id Software might have put their mobile game developments on hold while they focus on the upcoming Doom 4, it seems that one developer has taken it upon himself to port Doom 3 over onto Android. At the moment the port is in its pre-alpha stages and based on what we’ve seen in the video there’s not much to see in the game yet. One thing we did notice was how long it took for the game to load, but then again this port is running on the HTC Desire HD, an older Android device. Perhaps it might do better with newer phones with quad-core processors or with Snapdragon S4 processors, but we guess we will need to wait and find out.

The game itself is very “empty” in the sense that there appears to be no enemies yet and according to its developer, he has managed to achieve 26-30fps. Some gamers might be really fussy and consider those numbers to be really low, but we have to admit that it is pretty impressive as to what he has managed to achieve so far. No word on when the port will be released, but just don’t expect it anytime soon. In the meantime check out the demonstration in the video above (you might want to skip to the 1:56 mark which is when the game finally loads).

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