If you’re looking forward to play id Software’s upcoming Doom 4, you could be in for quite a wait. Originally announced back in 2008, it seems that Doom 4 is not ready yet according to id Software’s John Carmack. He stated that they are hard at work on the game and that it will be “done when it’s done”. It’s kind of vague but hopefully this wait will translate into a game of high quality which id Software has been known to put out in the past. Carmack went on to reveal that id Software had to shut down its mobile division in order to get more staff to work on triple A games like the upcoming Doom 4. This is not to say that id Software will neglect the mobile market completely, but for now if you’re expecting more mobile titles from the developer, you’re out of luck. Until then we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more Doom 4 news, so stay tuned!


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