There are all sorts of gamers out there, some who play for social reasons, while others who play more competitively, and there are those who play and blaze through the game as fast as they can just to set a record. It was only a few days ago that Guild Wars 2 opened its servers to those who pre-purchased the game and it looks like one particular player has already made it to level 80. Going by the name Surfeuze, the French gamer has officially maxed out a character in the game even before the game has been officially released, and by that we mean officially released to the public and to the gamers who did not pre-purchase or pre-order it. He managed to hit the level cap so fast thanks to the help of his guild mates who provided materials for him to craft with, which granted him experience points necessary to gain those levels. Personally I’m all about exploring the game, rather than trying to hit the cap as fast as I can, but what do you guys have to say about this?

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