Following the request made by Apple to punish Samsung for releasing an evidence to the press on Wednesday, Judge Lucy Koh finally rendered her decision to deny Apple’s request today. This follows after Samsung issued a rebuttal yesterday to strike out Apple’s request for sanctions. But Judge Koh had some harsh words for both parties saying, “I will not let any theatrics or sideshow keep us from doing what we’re here to do.”

In a move to find out whether Samsung’s previously leaked evidence had reached into the hands of the jury, Judge Koh interviewed each juror before bringing in Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller and software head Scott Forstall. During the trial, Schiller talked about Apple’s strategy in selling its iPhone and iPad. Schiller also mentioned his surprise when he first saw Samsung’s line of products. “I was pretty shocked at the appearance of the phone and the extent to which it appeared to copy our products,” he said. “It absolutely impacts our ability to market a distinctive product.”

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