There was quite a bit of fuss kicked up when carriers started to end unlimited data plans as this meant that users who used a lot of data had to pay for overages. Usually this resulted in highly expensive bills as charges for over-the-limit data can be quite expensive. That being said, a recent survey conducted by NPD has revealed that a vast majority of smartphone users rarely exceeded 2GB of data usage per month, and at the same time discovering that amongst all the carriers, T-Mobile users were considered to be the most “data hungry” with 11% of its subscribers using more than 3GB a month. Its competitors, AT&T and Verizon, had 4% and 3% of its users exceeding 3GB respectively.

This survey was conducted using the built-in  data usage feature on Android phones and was collected from 1,000 smartphone users. Apparently the reason for T-Mobile’s figures to be so high was due to a younger subscriber base who used their data for streaming music and video. What do you guys think? Is NPD’s study accurate? Do you find yourself doing the same things on your smartphone even after unlimited data plans have been discontinued?

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