Who still uses their Hotmail account, raise your hands. I myself have forgotten what my Hotmail password is, and have been relying on Gmail to serve up all of my email needs through the past few years. Earlier yesterday morning, we talked about how Microsoft has made available their new Outlook.com email application, and they are pleased to announce over Microsoft’s Outlook Twitter account that the Outlook.com email application had already surpassed a million users in under a day of being available. That is not too shabby at all, but perhaps all of that traffic is due to the novelty factor of being new, not to mention some people getting their cats killed. I meant that as in curiosity, so don’t look at me funny and start to ring up the cops. The Outlook email system will be Microsoft’s move on the web email service chessboard, where they intend to eventually phase out their Hotmail system in due time, not to mention trying to integrate more social networking capability with service providers such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I guess plenty of people would look forward to Skype integration as well.

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