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Microsoft Is Trying To Sneak Bing Into Outlook On Android
It goes without saying that Google is probably the most used search engine on the internet. It is, of course, not the only option out there even though the competition doesn’t quite command the same market share. However, it seems that it won’t stop companies like Microsoft from trying.

Microsoft Outlook For iOS Finally Lets Users Ignore Conversations
When sending emails to multiple users at once, it is more common than not that you’ll end up getting pinged by the same email the entire day as users hit “reply all”. This can be distracting and sometimes can derail your productivity, but the good news for iOS users is that you will now be able to ignore all that chatter.

How To Tell If Someone's Opened Your Email
So you just sent off an email and you haven’t heard back from the person for a few days. Are they busy? Are they ignoring you? If you’re curious as to whether or not an email has been read, here are some tips you can check out if you’d like to know if your email has been read.

How To Fix Outlook Error 0x8004010F With RecoveryToolBox
A lot of people use Outlook only; it should be clear and accepted. It’s easy, and the application is a part of the MS Office package. Its interface is more or less routine, why reinvent the wheel and look for something new?


How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Business Correspondence and Contacts
No, we are not going to teach you how to quit your job; it is easy, put a resignation notice on the boss’s desk—that is all.

Microsoft Is Testing Gmail Integration With Outlook
In this day and age, there is a good chance that many of us own multiple email accounts. There could be an email account for work, one for personal, one for business, and so on. It also means that we don’t necessarily use the same email providers for all our emails, where you might use Gmail for personal, and a custom email address for your work or business.

Recover Outlook Password: Getting Access Without Hacking
Followers of Buddhism are convinced that Gautama attained enlightenment while meditating underneath a sacred Ficus leaf for 49 days.

Dark Mode For Microsoft Outlook Reportedly In Development
Having a dark mode for your app is in vogue these days so it’s hardly surprising to hear that Microsoft is working on one for Outlook as well. Not only does a dark theme look really nice but it also helps reduce battery usage on devices with AMOLED displays. Microsoft previously said that it was working on a dark mode for OneNote and it’s now doing the same for Outlook.

Hackers Were Able To Access Some Accounts For Months
Microsoft has revealed that hackers were able to access some accounts for a few months earlier this year. The company discovered that the credentials for an support agent had been compromised which provided unauthorized access to some accounts from January 1st through March 28th, 2019.

How To Recall An Email In Outlook
We’ve all accidentally sent out incomplete emails, emails addressed to the wrong person, or emails that we probably should have re-read and double checked. Thankfully the ability to recall or unsend emails is a feature that we’re starting to see integrated into more email platforms these days.

Microsoft Outlook’s New Design Is Rolling Out To All iOS Users
Last year Microsoft announced that they would be revamping the design of its Outlook app on iOS. The roll out of the updated designed was a bit slow at the start, but now it seems that the update is available to all. This is according to a tweet by Michael Palermiti, Microsoft’s product lead for Outlook on iOS.

Microsoft Redesigns Outlook For iOS, Dark Mode Being Developed
Microsoft today announced that it’s rolling out a new Outlook for iOS today which brings a redesign and a dark mode. This major app update doesn’t bring much in the way of new features as it’s almost entirely focused on the design. Outlook mobile is one of the first Office apps to adopt the new Office 365 icon and design thinking that Microsoft revealed last week.

Dark Mode For Is Now Live
Earlier this month, the folks at Microsoft teased that a dark mode would be arriving onto The good news is that if this is a feature that you’ve been anticipating, it looks like the feature is now available, according to a post on Microsoft’s website where they have announced that the feature is live for users.

Users Can Soon Pay Their Bills Through Outlook
Microsoft’s Outlook is probably most commonly associated with being an email service. However as we have seen with Google’s Gmail, an email service can be more than just a place to store emails, such as sending/receiving money. The good news for Outlook users is that it looks like some conveniences will be headed your way soon.