Dark Mode For Outlook.com Is Now Live

Earlier this month, the folks at Microsoft teased that a dark mode would be arriving onto Outlook.com. The good news is that if this is a feature that you’ve been anticipating, it looks like the feature is now available, according to a post on Microsoft’s website where they have announced that the feature is live for users.

Users Can Soon Pay Their Bills Through Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook is probably most commonly associated with being an email service. However as we have seen with Google’s Gmail, an email service can be more than just a place to store emails, such as sending/receiving money. The good news for Outlook users is that it looks like some conveniences will be headed your way soon.

Cortana May Soon Arrive In Outlook For iOS And Android

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it wants to integrate its digital assistant Cortana with as many of its products and services as it possibly can. Perhaps that’s why it’s not surprising to hear that the company has been testing Cortana integration within the Outlook app for iOS and Android. If Microsoft is satisfied with the results that it gets from this test then it may not […]

Microsoft To Integrate LinkedIn With Outlook.com

Given how many social media platforms there are today, it also means that one would have to create a bunch of different profiles, whether it be for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, which can be rather overwhelming and also tiresome. However the good news for Outlook.com users is that they can sort of save themselves a bit of effort.


Outlook.com Premium Features Now Bundled With Office 365

Earlier this year you might recall that Microsoft launched a new Outlook.com Premium subscription which costs customers $19.95 a year. The premium subscription essentially removed ads from the email service as well as offer up various new features and security tools for those who might need it.

Google Calendar And Contacts Support Coming To Outlook For Mac

Now here’s an announcement that quite a few Mac users are going to love. Microsoft has announced that Outlook 2016 for Mac is getting support for Google Calendar and Contacts. This feature has been made available to the Office Insider Fast community first and will soon be rolled out to everybody. Microsoft says that it’s very excited about delivering this highly-requested feature for Mac users and bringing that app at […]

Outlook Can Now Be Used As The Amazon Echo’s Default Calendar

When it comes to calendars, there are quite a few different services to choose from and it really depends on the platform that you are working most on. If you use Microsoft’s Outlook services quite frequently for your email and scheduling your appointments, then you might be interested to learn that Amazon Echo can now use Outlook’s calendar as its default.

Outlook For iOS Now Supports Third-Party Apps

The convenient thing about using apps on the desktop is that they tend to be more flexible, in the sense that it’s easy to access files from the cloud or computer, add photos, share links, and so on. On our phones multitasking like that isn’t quite as easy, but the good news is that Microsoft wants to make your life a bit easier.

Google Drive Support Finally Comes To Outlook.com

Microsoft has made sharing even easier for people who use its Outlook.com service by adding support for Google Drive. The Outlook for iOS and Android apps already provide Google Drive access to users but Microsoft hadn’t opened up Outlook on the web to this and now it’s finally doing that. This enables Outlook users to attach Google Drive files to emails and even receive or edit files within Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook And Calendar Apps Now Available On The HoloLens

Checking your email and calendar on your smartphone or tablet isn’t new, and if you’re wondering what the future of computing might look like, Microsoft might have an idea as they have recently released their Outlook and Calendar app for the HoloLens augmented reality headset, thus allowing users to check their mail and their schedules in augmented reality.

Microsoft Outlook Makes Its Way Onto Android Wear

One of the perks of owning a smartwatch is that instead of having to continuously fish your phone out of your pockets, you can just look at your wrist to know what time it is, what the date is, what the weather is like, as well as check on notifications like calls, text messages, emails, alerts, and whatnot.

Wunderlist, Facebook And Evernote Arrive In Outlook For Mobile

Outlook users can currently view calendars from Outlook.com, Office 365, Gmail, iCloud and more all in one place while keeping on top of their emails, files, and contacts from that very same place. Recognizing that users’ digital world is far bigger than that, Microsoft today launched Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS and Android, the feature enables users to connect their apps to their Outlook Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Premium Enters Invite-Only Testing

This might not interest you if you’re happy with using Outlook the way millions of other people do across the globe but do read on if you’re looking to get a bit more out of this Microsoft service. Microsoft today launched invite-only testing for Outlook Premium, it’s a paid subscription service that provides subscribers with additional features that conventional Outlook users won’t get.

Skype Meetings Can Now Be Scheduled In Outlook For iOS

With Microsoft owning both Outlook and Skype, we suppose it shouldn’t really be a stretch to think that eventually the Redmond company might consider integrating them with each other one day. In fact that day has come as the iOS version of Outlook will now be able to schedule Skype meetings.