When the word “Prometheus” is mentioned, what comes to your mind most of the time? Folks would more often than not hark back to the precursor of Alien which was released on the silver screen this year, but this Prometheus robot has a totally different objective – to dismantle bombs while helping prevent the unnecessary loss of human life in the process. Prometheus is controlled using electrical signals generated by muscle movement, and was specially designed to see action in Colombia where car bombs and landmines are said to be a constant threat.


Meant to replace humans when it comes to deactivating bombs, the muscle signalling technology used in Prometheus is said to offer vast improvements when it comes to having precise control over a bomb defusing robot. Engineering student Jose Fernando Gomez and his colleagues at Bosque University, said, “The systems that activate the bomb deactivating cars are digital and are very strict. They are steps. On the other hand, using electronic pulses in the body is a more analogue signal which allows for precise control. It isn’t a big step from level one to level two. If not at level one, one-point-two, one-point-three, etcetera. It allows for much more sensitive movement of the car and the claws.”

Hopefully Prometheus will be able to be ready for public service as soon as possible.

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