Six Diablo 3 players have exact same items   what gives?When it comes to the virtual gaming community, the relationship dynamics in there are pretty much the same as that of in the real world – we all have to learn to look out for one another, lest we are taken advantage of. Case in point, a user known as “mcstew” has unearthed six different players on Diablo 3 that have the exact same items – with the offhand “Arcanum Mind” being one of the more highly sought after items which was quoted to be “worth 500mill++”. This particular observation has yet to lead to any of the accounts being closed, and could it be just a bug in the game that has allowed all six players to own identical super powered items that see action with their Level 60 characters? Do you think it is a blatant case of cheating, or just one lucky scenario in the world that has millions of players scurrying around Diablo 3 servers until now? The jury is still out on this one, and I too, would want to sit this out.

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