Let’s face it, typewriter keyboard accessories for the iPad isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea. In fact we’ve seen several in the past, although the former was an April Fools’ joke. However if you like the idea of being able to use a typewriter to type away on your iPad, perhaps you miss the feel of a typewriter or maybe even the loud clacking noises that come from the keys (we have to admit it’s somewhat of a pleasure), then this iTypewriter concept might be of interest to you. As the name itself has suggested, it is merely a concept although we’re sure that there are some of you guys out there who wouldn’t mind seeing it being made a reality.

Based on the picture, the keys are connected to rubber pads which will press against your iPad’s onscreen keyboard. We assume those rubber pads are capacitive and should function like styluses, allowing their hits to register on the tablet. According to its designer, Austin Yang, elderly folks who might not have used an iPad before might find it easier due to the familiarity of the typewriter. Of course we’re not sure how true that is, but it’s something worth thinking about. No word on when Yang plans to turn the iTypewriter into a reality, but what do you guys think? Any takers?

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